ABC école de football

Training through challenge.  Acheiving Success.

ABC école de football
          Mission Success

ABC School of Soccer - owned and operated by brothers, Patrick Edouard and Ludwig Edouard - was created with a mission to one day provide an avenue for all children interested in soccer to pursue their interest without encountering barriers, limitations or challenge; to be given the opportunity and encouragement along with Professional training to develop a love for the game and enjoy that love for a lifetime.  And for some... skills that advance them to a lifetime of success in the sport.

Our school's coaches embody the essence of professional soccer bringing lifelong players, collegiate play, pro play, accredited and licensed in multiple age groups by the US Soccer Federation and are all trained to hone both the tactical skills and psychological aspect of the game.


Professional Soccer Training for Individuals and Groups

Accredited Coaches by the United States Soccer Federation 

ABC School of Soccer - East Coast Division 

ABC School of Soccer - West Coast Division

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