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Training through challenge.  Acheiving Success.

Professional Soccer Training for Individuals and Groups

Individual Skill Enhancement                                                               $520
8 sessions totaling 12 hours of training                                                             Individual Skill Enhancement Training determines the skill level of an individual player, privately through our required assessment session and then customizes a program to develop the existing strengths of the player and improve where there are weaknesses.  
Personal Development Training                                                         $600
8 sessions totaling 12 hours of training                                                               
Personal Development is designed for the more experienced player.  This training will work to enhance a players dedicated position skills, increase the understanding of the psychological aspect of game play and hone cross play position skills.
Group Skill Enhancement Training                                                           $2000
8 sessions totaling 16 hours of training    
Group Skill Enhancement Training is designed to bring professional coaching to any team seeking a boost in their teams skill, camaraderie of play, understanding of the competitive game and coach reinforcement. Each session is structured to be 2 hours in length but the program can be customized with the individual team's needs to extend sessions but splitting the 2 hours over 16 practice dates.  Progress updates are prepared and shared with the team, team coaches and parents throughout the training.

Team Assessment Services                                                              $650

2 sessions totaling 4 hours of assessment                                     

In order to assess your team and coaching synergy, our lead trainers will visit one 2 hour practice session and one game.  The goal and value of the two environments is to gain insight into the methods used in coaching and then witnessing how those methods are being utilized in game play.  After the 2 sessions are complete, we will compile our observations and meet with the coach and later the team if desired to highlight the best of your program as well as strategies for improvement in practice and play.   

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